If you are covered on your spouse's insurance, get complete medical and dental check-ups done for you and the children. It's important to have any necessary procedures done now while you are covered. Begin checking into getting your own coverage for health, automobile, and home, and take these expenses into account for your post-divorce budget.

※ Document Your Valuables
It's a good idea to videotape your possessions, including the contents of your house, your vehicles, and other property. If things end up missing during the divorce, this can provide proof of its existence. It can also help jog your memory when it's time to divide the marital estate.

If your spouse is volatile, you might consider getting a safety deposit box to store valuable documents and jewelry. The same thing goes for sentimental items that might get destroyed. These items can be stored with a friend or family member until everything is settled. For more tips what to do if your spouse would be prone to hiding marital assets, read more about protecting assets in a divorce.

※ Don't Rock the Boat
Even though it may be tempting to just move out of the family home, don't. Check with your lawyer first to find out what the legal implications would be. In some states, it may hurt your chances of keeping the home after the divorce. It can also have an effect on the final custody decision. Also, if you are already separated, don't start dating someone else. This will not only anger your spouse, but it may make your spouse less cooperative during the actual divorce.
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